Hardware Development

My hardware build/design projects are mostly focused around smart city infrastructure and vehicle systems through my work at Mcity. Several of my designs have been published, multiple pieces of hardware I've designed and built are in production use by various automotive companies. I get great joy from taking and idea and turning it into a physical thing. I want to know how things work and that drive has led me to my involvement with the maker movement.

I founded a makerspace in Allentown, PA called MakeLehighValley. I'm presently a member and previously on the board of the Ann Arbor, MI makerspace All Hands Active. I helped with running classes, maintaining the space, and helped navigate the crazy process of becoming a 501c3 non-profit.

I've wrote for MakeMedia Make: Magazine. I'm published in the physical magazine, several blog posts, and have built projects specifically for publication. You can see some of my writing: here.