Hardware Development

My hardware build/design projects are mostly focused around electronic integration. I now build electronic and software integrations as part of my job with Mcity. Several odf my creations have been published, and multiple are in production usage. I get great joy from taking and idea and turning it into a physical thing. I want to know how things works and that drive has led me to be involved with the maker movement.

I founded a makerspace in Allentown, PA called MakeLehighValley. I'm presently a member and previously on the board of the Ann Arbor, MI makerspace All Hands Active. I helped with running classes, maintaining the space, and helped navigate the crazy process of becoming a 501c3 non-profit.

I've also writen for MakeMedia/Make:Magazine. I'm published in the physical magazine, done several blog posts and have built projects for publication. You can see some of my writing: here.