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I love to travel. I've been to several countries, multiple continents and I'm working on visiting all 50 states. I tend to explore colder places and this winter I'll get to cross another continent, Antartica, off my list while I chill with the pengiuns! The photo of the Northern lights above was something I took while in the Arctic circle in Sweden.

I also happen to have moved to Michigan, one of the nicest states I've been to. Michigan has a ton of places to explore. Each one has been more wonderous than the last. I suggest you come visit, stay a while or forever. Our state runs a wonderful tourism campaign called Pure Michigan. Tim Allen narrates some of the commercials and radio spots. The state is just as amazing as he makes it sound.

Places I'm hoping to visit soon: Austrailia, Antartica, Germany, Egypt, England, France, Russia

States I've been to:

Visited 32 states (64%) of the USA