Projects - Software

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Beagle Bone PRU LED Control - Controlling Radioshack Tricolor (RGB) LED strips with the beaglebone PRU (2014)

Retracto Man - 2D Puzzle Platformer written with Unity Engine for PC/Android (2014)

Hackerspace Class management - Schedule, Manage and handle payment for classes and workshops (2013)

Vestigo - Web based tracking system for physical items using Google App Engine(2012)

Bluetooth Triangulation - Track location of devices in an area (2012)

aON - 3d Strategy online game (2011)

libMultiMobile - A multiplayer library aimed at mobile phones (2010)

Nintendo DS - Yoshi implementation tutorial (2009)

LurkingPlaceCM - A free and easy to use, perl, content management system (2009)

Fetch-Twitter Feed - A perl twitter feed fetcher (2010)

Fetch-LastFM Events - A perl LastFM events feed fetcher (2010)

Fetch-LastFM Music - A perl LastFM recent music feed fetcher (2010)

LodgeBot - Battle.Net Chat bot (2006)

BG3 - Battle.Net Telnet Chat to Binary gateway (2006)

E17/WinAmp Theme - Sonic the Hedgehog Theme (2006)

Desktop Server - Snaps desktop screenshots via http (2004)