Projects - Hardware

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Mame Machine - A multi-emulator arcade machine (2009-Current)

WayneStock 3D printer - An oversized delta robot 3D printer. It is derived from the Rostock. (2012 - Current)


PID Controller - A microprocessor based temperature regulator with controls (2013)

Eritrean Magnets - I designed, lasercut and assembled a set of 281 Eritrean alphabet magnets for a co-worker. (2012)

Pint Glass Holder - CNC Cut State shaped beer/pint glass holder (2012)

Xbee to Ethernet Gateway - Provides network access for Xbee devices. (2011)

LED Globe - LED color chaging internet connected sphere. (2011)

Cupcake CNC - A Makerbot CNC Machine with plastic extruder head. (2010-2013)

Fireball CNC - A kit assembled small CNC router for engraving and cutting wood, plastic and light metal. (2010)

Sonic Ringbox Case - 3rd Sonic themed computer case (2010)

Sonic DC Case - 2nd Sonic themed computer case (2008)

Sonic CD Case - 1st Sonic themed computer case (2006)