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Pictures are available of all these projects at request! Send me an email if you are interested in the results!

2G Eclipse - Interior conversion to two seater

I did the conversion of my Eclipse Spyder to a two seater in 2009. The eclipse spyder 2nd generation has very useless back seats. I purchased a "Racer X" tonneau cover for the back seats of the Spyder and deleted the seats. This created storaged, improved sound quality and gave the interior a cleaner look. Clips under the lower portion of the back seat hold it to the floor. Pulling them forward allows the back seat to pop up. This gives access to remove the speaker covers, side panels and seat belts. I built supports for the tonneau cover by drilling into the flanges on the sides of the car and mounted a bar across the portion. This created mounts for a rear wall and speakers. I covered the wall with carpeting and made angles for the sides to mat the angle of the tonnaeu cover. Holes were cut into the new back wall and used to attach speakers and run seat belts through. The seat belts were Corbeau Racing harnesses with the retractable link that is DOT certified.

2G Eclipse Gauge pod installation

In 2006 I converted the interior guages to indiglo guages and added a guage pod to the A pillar. The indiglo guages replace the stock face plates and have an adjustable dimmer switch and transformer. The A pillar guages added measure boost, voltage and A/F ratio. The A pillar mount is a custom made 3 pod mount that screws on top of the existing A pillar plastic. To install the guage faces, remove the shround surrounding the guages and then remove the cluster from the car (it pops out). Next, remove the clear plastic cover and finally the backing. Insert the guage faces over the existing faces and tack them down (glue). Once faces are in place cut away parts of the case allowing wires to route behind it. Re-assemble and connect to 12v power. The 3 pod guages are connected to a boost line (ran through the firewall,under the steering wheel entrance), the cigarette lighter line (12v) and a single pin on the ECU for A/F ratio.

2G Eclipse interior/exterior paint and restoration

In 2006 I restored the interior of my eclipse. The carpeting was replaced with new black carpet, seats were replaced with racing seats and the dash was painted with vinyl paint. The exterior of the car was redone by sanding and applying extremely thin coats of self leveling Brightside topcoat yacht paint using a roller. The paint levels and leaves no roller marks. The orange peel is then sanded out and the paint easily washes and withstands sunlight. Chips can be touched up with a brush and optionally a clear coat could be applied.

2G Eclipse Spyder convertible top fixes

The 2G Eclipse Spyder has known problems with the convertible top assembly. These fixes resolve the most common issues. I've been using most of them for going on 10 years now without issue. The 2nd support bar doesn't go back when the top is dropped if your elastic straps have stretched or become ruined by the sun. The brackets at the side will start to bend when this happens. A seller on Ebay has a lovely solution which replaces the brackets and adds a piece of wire that is attached to the 2nd bar in place of the straps. The top occasionally leaks from the corners but this can be fixed by cleaning the weatherstripping and tightening the J hooks (hex key!) Bumping them down a notch puts a little more pressure on the seal. Replacement tops can be found on ebay for around $400 including the glass. When it came time to replace mine I purchased it from M and T. The top matches the original car and is canvas with a heated back window. It takes 4-5 hours to replace it with two people working. Occasionally the top will not move and this is either caused by a blown fuse or the disable switch having been pressed. The disable switch is located in the trunk behind the tail light cover. If you hear motor noise but the top doesn't move then one of your tooth gears has become loose. It needs to be re-attached to the motor. Mitsubishi sells replacements (press fit) but you can easily drill a hole through it and the motor shaft. The motors are held to the car with 4 screws and are located under the rear speakers. With the hole drilled I placed a piece of wire coat hanger in to keep the gear in place. This fix runs the risk of damaging the motors if the top is actually jammed when you attempt to use it. If the top comes up but you heard a crack then one of the arms that pushes the top up and over has probably cracked. Mine had a flaw in the metal casting that was visible after the crack happened. In 2010 these arms cost $250 for a replacement. 3 bolts hold them in place.

2G Eclipse Heater control light bulb replacement

To replace the heater light bulb you must remove the stereo, and center console faceplate. If you have the stock stereo you will need the unlock code provided by the dealer to use it after it is re-installed. First pop off the stereo trim plate then both center console side panels. Remove the stero mounting bracket (4 screws). Remove the stereo. Remove the screws from heater console and pop off the fragile, white bracket at the back. You can unplug the wire harness from this (2 red wires) and then use a small wrench to pop the light out. Install new bulb, test the lights then re-assemble.