Lodgebot is/was a chatbot developed for use on Blizzards Battle.Net gaming service. It was actively developed between 2000 and 2004, written in VB6 by Tyler Worman with slight help from Jon Mingola and the Battle.Net binary bot community. Both binary and chat protocol versions exist.

The name of the software comes from a Battle.Net chat channel I would frequent called "The True Lodge"

Between 2004 and 2007 a java bot also by the name of Lodgebot was developed for use on Linux via a BG3 server.

No current development is being done and no plans to release the source code exist.

Version Screenshots:

Lodgebot goes 3d:

When I was younger VRML was new and all over the net. I thought it would be awesome if you could have a chat room where you actually could walk around in 3D and motion as you talked to others. If only I knew that this would be what lobbies in games were like 5 years out, I could have made millions. I went down the path of figuring out how to render the Lodge in 3d. I even started on a protocol to share position in the room with other bots over Battle.Net. The project never took off as I have and always will suck at graphics.

Interesting Moments in history:

  1. Ceasar war on the lodge - Some dude named Ceasar one day decided he was going to take over The True Lodge and just ban everyone from it. We had a backup channel, though I can't remember the name. The point of this was to annoy us. Our goal was to wait for Battle.Net to drop his bot and take back the channel. We tended to make sure someone was online at all times holding the Gavel in the channel. This really was only an issue until they changed private channels from having ops.. This was another stupid attempt to stop warring.
  2. Last ngith for TelNet Bots - Bots on bnet were pretty cool. Around the release of Lodgebot 7 PP3 in their first attempt to stop warring Blizzard decided that bots could no longer be in private channels. This was taken the last night it was allowed. It ended up forcing people who wanted to chat to develop and use binary bots.
  3. Ed dies - Ed's bot was the first to go when they shut down the TelNet gateway. It went down and upon reboot bots could not join private channels. He was probably on a different server. At one point Battle.Net east and west were actually joined so you could chat with other players. Server splits would cause lots of users to drop and rejoin, it was common. So to see users on one server drop off was not a big deal usually
  4. The TelNet era is over - I still actually become sad when thinking about this. This started the errosion of the Lodge and nothing every brought it back to what it was. I miss my friends Ed, Aundril, PrinceofDrkness, Krazie and Alpha. It's been over 5 years and I'm still not over it. At 11PM est US-EAST battle.net servers rebooted and got rid of TelNet access.