Bg3 - Binary Gateway 3:

Binary Gateway 3 (BG3) was an application created to allow chat bots access to private channels on Battle.Net. The software was created in a response to the banning of telnet chat bots from Battle.Net. BG3 was an active protocol translator converting the old chat protocol to a binary game protocol. This caused Battle.Net to believe an actual game such as Starcraft was logged in while the actual client was an older telnet chat bot speaking through a BG3 client. An original non-public version was created by Storm:][) of Clan Incdamage. With community help, I created a free version that supported all Battle.Net clients up till Diablo 2 (with Realm server support). The public copy was called BG3 and was used by over 20,000 unique users at its peak.

Current state:

BG3 no longer works with Battle.Net but it can be used on FSGS game servers. Blizzard changed the protocol for almost all their games after Warcraft 3 was released. BG3 had a test version using the new protocol but it was never officially released. The BGKey security software was stripped from the last version of the client as the authentication server is no longer running. You may continue to use BG3 on FSGS webservers but no support is offered


I'd like to extend my personal thanks to Clan IncDamage, Storm:][), Hype.iD, Raihan, _Puck_, [Pat], Tyriel and the BG3 community for helping me keep the project going for over 6 years.
Funding during BG3s lifetime was provided by RackShack.Net and paid for by generous donations by the users. I appreciate everyones help in maintaining the websites and software.


Old Tutorial - Link
Old Change Log - Link

Last working Install files:

Full Install Link
Update Install - Link
Visual Basic 6.0 Runtime Module - Link
System Tray Icon.ocx
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at once HERE


Plugin Description Author Version Last Updated
WebStream Stream Channel to Web Nova1313 2.0.0 7/17/2003
WebStream Source Source for Webstream Nova1313 2.0.0 7/17/2003
Plugin SDK Plugin Development Kit Nova1313 1.0.0 10/6/2002
Plugin Tutorial Plugin Tutorial for BG3 Nova1313 1.0.0 10/6/2002
Winamp Plugin Control Winamp via BG3 Lobo 1.1.0 7/13/2003
Level Restriction Character Level Restriction Croohm 3.0.0 8/02/2003
Web Monitor Plugin Displays Users online status on the web! Croohm 3.6.0 7/26/2003
MP3 Player Plugin Plugin that Plays MP3s Nova1313 1.0.0 9/5/2001
MP3 Player Source MP3 Player Source Nova1313 1.0.0 9/5/2001
Rage Moniter Monitor's users online status PL-Rage 1.0 Beta 8/1/2003