Computer Case Mod - Sonic The Hedgehog:

This was the sixth or seventh computer I had built. Construction on sonic occured sometime around 2004. My previous computer was built in an Acrylic case. Since I love Sonic so much I decide I would build my next PC as a tribute. The hardware in this machine was pretty basic. I believe it had 2 gigs of ram and a 1.8ghz single core AMD Athlon processor. The graphics card was a Geforce 4 with 128 megs of onboard video ram. Amazing at the time! This computer is proudly featured on the Sonic Gear website!


I picked the design of the case from the Sonic CD box. First I traced sonic grabbing the Emerald. I scanned my trace and enlarged to take up a page. I traced him on the inside of the case and started to drill... And drill some more... and drill some more. I wasn't getting through the case. I enlisted my father who pointed out that the drill bit I was using was not the best for the material I was going into. A new drill bit designed for steel not wood got me through the case.

Cutting the window:

My father and I drilled a few pilot holes and then used a jig saw to cut the rest of sonic out from the case. We used a large hole saw to cut the fan. The streaks of him jumping were drill bit holes and then 1-2 passes with the jig saw. When complete we filed down the edges.


The case was originally beige. After a good cleaning I broke out the Rustoleum and sprayed it out with 2 coats. I unfortunately was a bit heavy handed on the top and had some runs that needed to be sanded and redone. Be careful when spraying and don't get too close to the surface.


At the time I envisioned hosting many LAN parties at my college and I wanted the case to be easily carried. I commuted and my car was not the best for moving large/heavy items. I found handles at home depot that I liked and after drilling the holes mounted them.


With sonic cut out I had to cover the inside so dust would not get in. Home depot sells sheets of thin Plexi glass which work great. They can be easily cut with a table saw and then attached to the inside via plastic cement/liquid nails (it comes in a calking tube) from a caulking tube.


I lit the fan green using LED's so it would look much like the Emerald on the box of Sonic CD. The inside used 2 cold cathode tubes in blue to light it.


This case is still used, but it is hidden inside my Arcade machine.