LED Globe

The LED Globe is an internet connected Arduino powered 10 RGB LED light up globe. The globe is a frosted glas IKEA FADO lamp. The LED's can be individually controlled. The Arduino drives each LED individually and changes color based on what it reads from a webpage every 30 seconds.


The build was prototyped on a breadboard and mounted using hot glue to the inside of the FADO. The arduino chip is mounted on it's own with the lights held in a custom connector. The original design used a Lantronix XPort but I later swapped it to use an XBee via my XBee to Etherenet gateway. To date I've completed the design of the board and I am working on converting it to a board in Eagle. I plan to fab the board and then design a mount for the makerbot to house it and the LEDs nicely inside FADO.


  • 10 RGB LED
  • Arudino Chip - SparkFun.com ~$8 with bootloader
  • 16MHZ Crystal - SparkFun.com ~2
  • Hookup wire
  • Capacitors for arduino crystal
  • Xbee - $15
  • Ikea FADO lamp - $20


The Arduino software is custom and will be posted below along with board design.


None Presently posted.
Arduino Software
Perl CGI
Eagle Board Design


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