Lurking Place CM:

Lurking Place CM is a bare bones content management system. Developed in 2009 that is used to serve pages through the entire Lurking Place Studios family of sites.


  • Allow for basic HTML pages to be created and skinned at a later point
  • Not require content changes when a website theme is changed
  • Allow for content to be moved seamlessly between multiple Lurking Place CM sites
  • Allow dynamic use of content between two trusted Lurking Place CM sites
  • Low CPU usage
  • Ease of moving dynamic content to a caches file when load is high on a single content element
  • Use stock webserver software so sites can easily be moved between servers with minimal setup required

Development plans:

  • Support for automatic caching of database driven reports under high load
  • Basic Support for content servers via SSL Tunnel


Minimal support is provided via E-Mail by Lurking Place Studios. Please allow 24 hours for response time.


  • Link - Version 1.0