Fetch Twitter Feed:

This is a perl implementation designed to be scheduled via cron and write out a local file with a specific users Twitter feed. It was designed to be integrated with Lurking Place CM but it is in no way tied directly to that product. You will need an application login to run this and it needs to be placed in the perl file. The application login is available free from Twitter. Feed free to download, modify and share. We recommend not to be scheduled more than once an hour so you do not overload the Twitter servers. Twitter will disable a fetch if too many requests come from one IP in an hour. This will be problematic if you use shared file hosting and others on the server are accessing twitter for other tasks.


  • Easily Fetch Twitter Feed
  • Easily Parse Twitter Feed and write to file

Development plans:

No additional development is planned at this time.


Minimal support is provided via E-Mail by Lurking Place Studios. Please allow 24 hours for response time.


  • Link - Version 1.0