Disc Golf

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Disc Golf is a sport that follows the rules of golf but is played with discs much like Frisbees. Courses can be found in parks throughout the world and are usually free to play. As I travel I try to play courses in various parts of the country. The sport allows me to explore, hike and get exercise all at once.

My Bag consists of discs from Innova and MVP. I primarily use an MVP Ion putter, Innova TeeBird Plus fairway driver, and an Innova Atlas midrange.

Courses played:

Allentown, PA - Little Lehigh Parkway - World tour course! These holes are all laid out on wide open fairway. The holes are long and run next to a river which complicates shots.
Allentown, PA - South Mountain - This is my home (and first) course. South mountain is mostly in the woods with many tree hazards. Hole 3 is frustrating for lefties as your disc will follow the slope of the course. The course plays well even when it starts to get dark.
Ann Arbor, MI - Bandemer Park - This wooded 9 hole course makes for a geat quick play. 3 tee positions at each hole. When entering the park drive over the wooden car Bridge and park in the lot right at the start of the course. Underbrush is nicely cleared away so you should have no trouble finding discs.
Ann Arbor, MI - Marybeth Doyle Park - This nicely maintained 18 hole course sits in my back yard. The back 9 are a bit tighter than I would like, but I enjoy the challenge. The front 9 have deep brush to either side of the course. It has claimed many of my discs on windy days.
Auburn, PA - Long Trout Winery - Awesome wine! Nice short disc golf course. The holes are all withing ~350 feet and play up and down the mountain. With a hole by a pond and a shot into a basket hanging from the barn (1 of 4 known!) make this an excellent way to spend the day.
Danielsville, PA - Blue Mountain Skyline Park - A quick ski lift ride to the top of Blue delivers one of the most amazing and terribly frustrating courses you will ever play. The views from each hole are wonderful. The fairways are the ski slopes and outside of that is not well cleared. Keeping your disc on the course is extremely frustrating when most holes are ~700 feeet in distance. Many parts of the course are simply dangerous to play from and retrieve disks. I found myself sliding down the course to get to the next tee on more than one occasion.
Danielsville, PA - Blue Mountain Slodeside 9 - Added for 2011, this course changes the navigation at Blue Mountain. A player now starts their day at the top of the hill and is driven to the other courses. The list has been turned off because of this. The 9 hole course is fairly open. As with all holes at this site, the slopseside 9 are about twice as long as you normally expect 9 hole courses to be. You still end up playing most with a mid-range and putter but the mid-range is often stretching it's distance. This makes a nice way to start the day before heading to play Skyline Park.
Danielsville, PA - Blue Mountain Valley Park - This is an average course for PA featuring many wooded and many open field type holes. The 18th hole has you throwing a very long distance down the Snow tube run. This is a very nice second course to play if you have any energy after playing Skyline Park.
Dexter, MI - Hudson Mills Metro Park Monster The monster course at Hudson Mills. Many tight shots on tree lined fairways. Easy to lose discs and costs to play.
Dexter, MI - Hudson Mills Metro Park Original The original corse at Hudson Mills is much more managable compared to Monster. Many of the shots are still long but even at 27 holes, it plays quickly. I played this course in fall and I feel that the thinned brush may have made it more enjoyable. I'm looking forward to checking it out in the summer again.
Easton, PA - Hacketts Park - Hackets park was a nice mix of 9 short and 9 long holes. The front 9 are mainly out in the open with few hazards. The back 9 wind through trees, down through deep woods. Parking seems oddly placed as the course starts at the very entrance to the park with parking at the top.
Erwinna, PA - Tinicum Park - Tinicum park is a long course with wide open fairways.. The holes seem poorly marked and it was often difficult to find the next tee. A few nice holes benethe pine trees are what make the course stand out for me.
Hatfield, PA - Plains Mennonite Church - Plains park is a small course the stretch's around the churchs property. The front 3 holes are long and wide open with the last 6 being set in the woods on narrow paths. The holes are decently marked and the course makes a fun way to end a day.
Hover, AL - Iverness Nature Area - A wonderful and very hilly course. Directions could be labeled better but holes were not too hard to find. Many challenging shots.
Hudson, OH - Hudson Springs Park - Hudson springs is a well maintained 18 hole course. The course is played through a very open park and is ideal for a beginner as it has very few hazards in the fairways.
Newtown, PA - Tyler State Park - Tyler is a wonderful course that is very fun to play. The course has 27 holes a majority of which are in the woods. The holes have really unique views and the course is well maintained. Make sure to stop by Isaac Newton's for lunch/dinner after!
Orefield, PA - Covered Bridge Park (Wehr) - Nice 18 hole course laid out against the side of a mountain and over a small river. The front 9 were designed by a boyscout and are frustratingly hard at times. The back 9 are much more enjoyable with open fairways and the ability to find a disk when lost.
Philiadelphia, PA - Sedgley Woods - The 2nd frisbee golf course! The league at this course is very active and it is one of the most populated courses I have ever played. The course is 27 holes with the 18 being original. The first 18 are short and nicely laid out. The last 9 feel out of place, not well laid out and lacking in marking. I couldn't figure out a good way to get from 27 back to the parking lot.
Quakertown, PA - Nockamixon State Park - One of the nicest courses in the valley. This course is extremely long and features challenging holes. The course features wonderful views of the lake and 1 of 4 known hanging baskets.
Salisbury, MD - Schumaker Pond - Interesting course set next to a very large pond. Holes are medium ranged. The feature hole was a shot of the dock onto land.
Slatington, PA - Victory Park - Small course in a community park. 9 holes which are played from different tees. The course is not well maintained. I play once a year just to switch things up, but probably isn't worth repeat playing
Tylersport, PA - Salford Township Community Park - 9 holes but you need to play it at least once. The course layout and length are nothing special. The holes are tightly packed into a small park. The tee's are barely marked (square stones in ground). This course is used at halloween though for a haunted woods. The props remain all year making it a bit creepy and worth your time. See the photos section for some unique pictures from this course.
Weatherly, PA - Eurana Park - Small 9 hole course. The park is close to Hickory Run and makes a nice way to finish up the day in the area. The course starts by the pool/beach and traverses through the woods from there.
White Haven, PA - Hickory Run State Park - Awesome 18 hole course just off the PA Turnpike. The front 9 is mostly open, back nine is wooded and can be swampy. Nice mid-length course. Consider following up with Eurana Park.
Whitehall, PA - Jordan Creek Park - A nice mix of woods, and open fairways.
Whitmore Lake, MI - Independence Lake - Red Hawk DGC - Beautiful course set back in the woods. I played in late summer and it was a bit chilly after the sun set. It has a few really nice views of the lakes and small ponds. Definitely worth the drive.
Wilmington, DE - Brandywine Creek State Park - Nice open course. Very flat, hardly any cover. Not good for playing on a Windy day.
Ypsilanti, MI - Rolling Hills County Park - Different terrain on each hole. Very tight fairways! The park is gorgeous and well maintained.
Ypsilanti, MI - The Ponds at Lakeshore - Next to the largest pro shop in Michigan this course is wide open and is set on what use to be a ball golf course.