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Retracto Man!

This 2D puzzle platformer game was developed as part of a 48 hour game jam. It won multiple awards and is now available to demo.


Beer log

This log won't roll over your neighbor's dog. It does, however, keep track of what I'm brewing and what I have on tap!



Thinking of switching your NTSC game consoles to RGB SCART feeds? Check these blog posts before getting SCART-ed!


Pure Michigan

Join me as I explore the Great Lake State!


About Tyler

About Tyler

I'm a software developer residing in Ann Arbor, MI. I presently work for University of Michigan Health System as a Senior Data Architect. I'm helping to develop a self service data warehouse using feeds from Epic Clarity and other health care products.

Outside of work I enjoy attending concerts, disc golfing, brewing beer, making things and playing board games.

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Making things

Making things

I take joy in coming up with an idea and making it a reality. I'm the type of person that wants to know how things work.

My love for building has led me to be involved with the maker movement. I founded a makerspace in Allentown, PA called Make Lehigh Valley. I'm presently a member and previously a board member of the Ann Arbor, MI makerspace All Hands Active.

I also write about maker events and tools for Make Magazine and the Makezine Blog.

What I'm making

Recent Updates

Beagle Playing with PureData.

PureData Experiements!

Beagle Beagle Bone PRU!

Getting started guide for the Beagle Bone PRU!

CNC Intro to CNC Tooling!

A beginner guide to endmills is in Volume 40 of Make Magazine. See a short version here!

Disc Golf Discs Disc golf courses

Added a new Michigan disc golf courses.

Retracto Man Retracto Man

This award winning 2D puzzle platformer is now downloadable for you to play. Download

New Design Flower New design!

New content and a fancy new look!